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Can you believe that we've finished the first month of school already???  WOW!!  I wanted to share some of the portfolio samples that I have seen in some of the schools so you can get inspired too!  Parent Conferences are right around the corner!!  I will be in the schools this month to review where you are and to offer any support that I can!!  

CONFERENCES:  I will be sending you some samples of the paragraphs that we require to go along with the checklist evaluations.  Stay tuned!!  REMEMBER:  DO NOT SEND HOME THE ORIGINALS WITH THE PARENTS.  We must maintain a copy in the children's files.

Please note:  The packets that were handed out to you this week with information about the different areas of development are designed to go at the BEGINNING of the portfolios as an INTRO to the parents about each area.  We ARE NOT dividing the samples by area this year.  We are dividing them by month.  


The idea is to have a sample in each area every month.  The packets are provided so you can easily collect the samples from each child.  Every child is going to do their samples in their own way.  Use your creativity to divide out the sections by month.  Here is one way of doing it (Thank you Marlene in Newton!)  The colored pieces of paper are provided to you to be able to create the sections any way you want!!   You can either print it out, write it in or have kids decorate it. It's up to you!

Here are a couple of self-portraits!  We always put the name and DATE.

This is how I write my name samples:
There are many ways to take a collection of this sample...they can write it directly on the paper (like the sample on the left for Dante), or you can have them write it on another paper , and then cut it out and paste it on the sheet provided (like the sample on the right for Neve.)  Some children aren't writing their names yet (sample below) and that's okay too!!  

Cutting Samples:  The idea is to get a base line of how the children cut.  Young toddlers can do some RIPPING of the paper which can be stored in a baggy and taped to the paper, or pasted on the paper as a collage!!  Older toddlers can start using scissors when they are developmentally ready.

Anecdotes:  You can either type up the anecdote or hand write it directly onto the piece of paper!!  You could even use post-it notes and stick them in the boxes as an option!  

Photos:  Here is one way of doing it!!  This is what one of the mini-prints looks like on the paper.  We encourage you to put your physical/gross motor and/or social studies samples in the photos page. The idea is to have a minimum of 2 pictures a month. You can opt to do more if you'd like, but it's not a requirement.

Here's how you can incorporate a picture of each child on the front cover of your portfolios too!

You can also use photographs to document the different areas of development if you'd like!!  It doesn't have to just be an art sample!!  Look at how Marlene in Newton documented her Science and Arts sample for September!

Story Dictation:  Have them draw and just simply write what they say they drew in their picture!  

Organizing yourself for Portfolios:

I have already shared how the pre-K teachers in Newton are organizing their portfolio packets using the mailbox system....'s another way of doing it!!  Place the packets in the back sleeve of the binder and then as the children finish each piece of art, THEN place it in the 3 holes of the binder.  

Dividing up the work with your co-teacher!!  Here's how Madelyn and Emily in Needham are dividing up the work for their classroom of preschoolers.  Each teacher is in charge of collecting the samples, pictures and anecdotes for half of the class, and then they will SWITCH STUDENTS for the next month so they have a complete understanding of every child in their class.  

Collecting Samples:   Maru in Brighton told me that she is hanging the samples she is collecting on the bulletin board, and then at the end of the month, will be putting in her portfolio!  Madelyn in Needham told me that she already picked the samples that she will be collecting and puts it on her calendar in advance so she knows what to collect!!  Great ideas of inspiration!!  

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