Sunday, October 14, 2012

Curriculum Walls

I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek into how all of the schools have created their Curriculum Walls this school year!!  I love that everyone has put their own creative spin on it!!  

South End




Kendall Square


JP Centre

JP - Revere

In addition to the curriculum wall display for the families in JP Revere, they have also added a Conscious Discipline Bulletin Board to focus on a different principle each month.  
This month they are focusing on "KNOW YOUR CHILD".  It is a great way to reinforce all of the work that Janette has done to train everyone in Conscious Discipline for the teachers and the parents.



There is also 'El Jardin del amor."   

"See kindness?  Plant a flower in the garden of love."
There are popsicle stick flowers, a box and a notebook to write down the acts of kindness for all to see.



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