Friday, October 19, 2012

Countdown to the 100 Days of School

The Pre-K Teachers in all of our schools are all doing a countdown of the first 100 Days of school!  I thought I'd share some of the really creative ideas of how each Pre-K teacher is doing it!  Check it out!

Jenna- The South End 
The children add a circle with the number on it to create a long caterpillar in their classroom!

Marissa - Needham
As part of circle time, one of the jobs of the children is to color a circle and add it to the 100 Dias jar!  Then they count all of the "marbles".

Britni and Katie - Newton
The children count the numbers on the chart together and mark off the days as well!

Maria and Claudia - Kendall Square
The children are adding an apple and other items to the tree throughout the year to count the first 100 days.  

Maru- Brighton
The children count the first 100 days by adding different items to the jar each day.  She started the first 20 days with straws, and then changed to buttons for the next 20 days.  She will then change it to something else every 20 days!  

Here's a link to a video of Maru counting the first 29 days of school with her Pre-K class....

Eliana - Porter Square
The children add a straw to the container for each day of school.  Then the straws are taped together in groups of 10 to be able to practice counting by groups of 10!

JP - Revere Street
The children add a sticker to their individual gum ball machine to count the first 100 days of school!! 

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