Sunday, October 14, 2012

Young Toddler Ideas

Queria compartir unas ideas de inspiracion para  las maestras de los pequenos toddlers que pueden implementar!!  I am using my twin daughters as an example this week!!  


Toddlers of all ages love sensory experiences.  Try putting out streamer paper in different colors all over your classroom to encourage all sorts of skills for their fine and gross motor development.  I tried it out with my twin daughters who are almost 15 months and they had a blast!!

I started by putting small strips on the floor.

The girls quickly started putting it all over their arms and legs.  Super fun!  They also practiced ripping the paper into little pieces.

Then I tied a couple of long pieces across the room to encourage them to REACH for it!

I used to do this with my 12 - 18 month old group that I worked with years ago and it was always a big success!!  We would talk about colors and sometimes even filled up a plastic pool with streamers too.  The ideas are endless!!

At the end, we made balls of the streamers as we cleaned them up into the basket.

So much fun!!


We often blow bubbles at home, but I wanted to try something different with the girls for another sensory experience.  So we made a homemade bubble machine.

I added some bubble mixture to a bowl, and grabbed a straw.  The girls were immediately interested.

As I blew into the mixture, the bubbles just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger!


Acadia excitedly grabbed the bubbles and played with them in her hands.  

Sedona grabbed the bubbles and took a's true with toddlers that they put everything in their mouths first!!  :-)   It was such a relaxing activity and the girls loved it!


The cold days are fast approaching, so here is a fun indoor activity to do with those tiny toddlers to keep then entertained, while practicing their gross motor skills of balance!!

Grab a big blanket and talk to the children about going on a magic carpet ride.  You can even pretend to collect some "money" for the "trip."

Once everyone is aboard, make a long "rr" sound as you pull the children around the hallway, gym or classroom!!

The children will surely start to emulate the sounds and will also practice their balance as you make your way around the room.

It will bring such joy and delight to all of the children as they take turns on the magic carpet!!

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