Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Teacher Made Materials

The ideas are endless of materials that you can make to supplement the materials you have in your classroom!!  Here are a few of the teacher made materials that I have seen and wanted to share!!  More to come!!


Claudia in the South End made this wonderful clothespin game to do with her toddlers!  It's excellent to practice fine motor skills, math skills with matching and language skills by saying it in Spanish!


The children in Joanna's Pre-K class in the South End have a wonderful time with the magnetic letters and pans from the Dollar Store!!  

It's fun to add name card and word cards for the children to practice spelling out!!


Preschool teacher, Lidiani, in the South End was inspired to make her own MATH JARS based on a previous post made here in the Ideas de Inspiracion Blog!!  

She gathered a collection of baby food jars in different sizes.

Then added a variety of items that the children can count and sort.

It's a great start to the collection!!!  Lots of estimation, counting, graphing and sorting in the future!

Sensory Bags of Gel

Jenns in the South End created these sensory bags using hair gel!!  They are double bags and taped closed for the children can explore with all of their senses.  This looks like something AWESOME to put on a light table!!


Preschool teacher Karina in the South End took a chalk board and turned it into a double sided activity board!

She then hot glued a large piece of felt to the other side, to creatd a felt board!

This is just one of the games that she uses on the felt board.  A letter matching train game!!


Here's another matching letters game in SPANISH that Lidiani in the South End created for her preschoolers.

She laminated all of the letters and got some velcro on the back so they can play around with the beginning sounds of the words in Spanish!


The teachers in the South End have these adorable visual aids that they made in Spanish and put on sticks to help remind the children what to do.  I have color copies of these if anyone wants them!!  Let me know and I can make copies on cardstock paper for you.  

The hand says "Levanta tu mano, por favor"
The flag says, "A la fila, por favor"
The mouse says, "Silencio, por favor"
The owl says, "Ojos a la maestra, por favor."
The clock says "Tiempo de limpiar"
The chair says, "Sientate por favor."  


Fiorella in JP Revere created this excellent fine motor lacing card for her young preschoolers.

She took a lid of a butter container, cleaned it out, and punched holes in it so the children can use the lacing strings!!  I love that we are re-using materials!!  

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