Friday, August 24, 2012

Homemade Light Box

As we are getting ready for vacation, and prepping for September, I wanted to share my adaptation of a homemade light box!!  There are so many ways to make a light table/light box for your classroom, and it doesn't have to cost a lot of  money!!


I started with a clear box from Target, and lined it with Parchment Paper to diffuse the light. I decided to leave the large sides open so my girls could see the light spinning too.  Also, I originally was thinking of using an Under Bed Storage box, but this size box worked out great for our needs since it's the perfect height for my girls to stand at.  :-)
I was originally going to put "holiday" lights inside, but because I was doing this for my home, I decided to break out a spinning disco light that I had laying around from the store "5 Below."  (It was $5.)  

When you turn on the light, then the fun starts!!

The colors were so bright, yet nicely diffused by the parchment paper.

My girls had so much fun banging on the Light Box, and watching the colorful lights!  As they get older, then I will put solid lights inside, and other transparent items to explore on the light box.  I am sharing this idea with you to get inspired for creating your own new materials for your classroom!  The ideas are endless!  Check out some of these links to my blog for more ideas...

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Espero que pases unas vacaciones muy buenas!! Nos vemos en septiembre!!


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