Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spotlight on NEEDHAM!!

Check out our beautiful school in Needham!!!

DIRECTOR'S Bulletin Board!

There is information about what they learned about last week, and also what they're learning about in the current week.

Photographs of the activities are displayed....

Current daily activities are displayed too!!  Awesome work Christina!

Circle Time Area

I love using the clothesline idea to change the information out easily each week!!

Classroom Bulletin Boards
A highlight of the bulletin board displays from Peru, Venezuela and Colombia! 

Art from Venezuela

Zamponas from Peru!

Hand Tree Art inspired by the Yunza Tree in Peru!

Peruvian flags and llamas

Red and White collages inspired by Peruvian flag colors

Yunza tree from Peru!

Samples of different art from throughout the summer in Maria's room!

Maris puts a sample of some of the art from each week on her bulletin board!

Collection of Flags

Pintando con Maiz

El Arcoiris from Costa Rica

Marissa always puts a sign up with what they learned about in the displayed project

More Zamponas!

PERU art

The children practice writing the name of the country every week!  

I love that they learned how to add an ACCENT MARK!

Another Yunza Tree

Colombian Banderas with shiny sequins!

Making Patterns in Peru!!

Thank you Needham for all of your beautiful samples!!


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