Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Magic Foam Letters


I recently discovered that when you dip foam letters into water, they stick to just about anything.  They stick to the wall, the toy shelf, and most excitingly for my baby girls, to the window in their Nana's house!  

I grabbed a bucket of water, and we spent a long time dipping the letters in the water, then putting them all over the place.  

They are still so young that they liked to pull them off of the window and put them in their mouths...but they LOVED it!

My daughter Sedona, worked on writing her name!! (not really).  :-)

Have fun trying this with your students...especially with the toddlers!!  Try surprising them by putting them magically all over the classroom and they have to go on a letter hunt!!  The possibilities are endless!!  Be creative and have fun!!!


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