Friday, February 24, 2012

Classroom Management Systems!

This week I wanted to share pictures of some of the the classroom management systems that I have seen in several of the schools!  We all have LEARNING CENTERS in our classrooms, yet sometimes they can get overcrowded, disorderly and cluttered.  Here are just a few great reasons why setting up a system to manage your center time is beneficial!

  • As we discussed in our Conscious Discipline Training, the design and set up of your classroom INFLUENCES BEHAVIOR!!
  • Children have an opportunity to MAKE CHOICES thus becoming more INDEPENDENT
  • They will learn to be RESPONSIBLE
  • Children will interact COOPERATIVELY and enhance their social skills

 So here are some systems that I wanted to share with you right from some of our PINE VILLAGE TEACHERS to inspire you to try one, or come up with one on your own!

NECKLACES - I have seen the "Necklace System" in at least three of the schools  (JP with Janette and Elba, Kendall Square with Denise and Alejandra and Newton with Kelly) and wanted to share some pictures of how it works.  The key to this system  (and to ALL of the systems) is to have CLEARLY LABELED Learning Centers with CLEARLY LABELED materials.

1.)  Take a photograph of the actual center in your classroom and print out copies.
2.)  If you want to limit the center to 4 children, then put 4 necklaces.  If you want to limit the center to 2 children then put 2 necklaces.
3.)  Children go to the main board to pick their necklace then go to the center of their choice.  When they are finished, then they return the necklace to the board and pick a new necklace.

KEY CHAINS and HOOKS - Here is another great system that is in Marcela's class in JP!

1.)  These hooks are placed on her front door with each child's name.  Every child has a different colored key chain on the hook.  

2.)  The various centers have hooks on it to limit the number of children.  This area has two hooks so two children can play in there.

3.)  As with all of the systems, the children move their colored keychain with them as they make choices in the room.

PHOTOS ON VELCRO CARDS -  Teresa and Fiorella in JP have a system using the photographs of the children that is another great way of organizing your centers.  

1.)  The children's photographs are available to them in a plastic bin.  

2.)  They can choose which area they would like to explore based on the number of velcro spots available on the sign.  

3.)  When they are finished with one area, they take their picture with them to go explore a new center!

NAME CARDS IN A POCKET CHART- Here's another unique way to organize the centers each day that Pamela in Porter Square uses!  

1.)  Take pictures of each center and put the number of dots to correspond to the number of children that can go in each center.

2.)  The children move their name cards to the center they will be going to.  They return to the main Center Board to move their name as they move throughout the room!

So these are just a SAMPLE of the many great ideas of classroom management systems that are going on in our great Pine Village Schools!  You are all so amazing!!  GRACIAS!


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