Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spotlight on Brighton - Dominican Republic

The amazing teachers in Brighton have been having so much fun on their travels in the Dominican Republic!!  Check out what they have been up to over the past week!!  

With three classrooms in use throughout the summer, they turned the toddler room into the Airport, the Preschool room was turned into the Dominican Music room, and the Pre-K class was converted into the marine life room!!  It was a great, creative use of the space!!!

Alicia and Karina dressed up in the colors of the Dominican flag to introduce the theme to the class!!  It's a great way to connect with the country!!

Alicia set up a circle time outside to introduce the topic!

Alicia did some magic on her computer turning Denise into the "Capitana", and the teachers are all "las azafatas!!"  HILARIOUS and SO CREATIVE!!!  

The toddler room as the AEROPUERTO. Great place to get your passports stamped. 
During the simulation, the teachers go over all of the safety rules!!  

A trip wouldn't be complete without complimentary beverage service.  

It looks like sometimes they have turbulence on this airplane!!!  

Special visitors from the Berklee College of Music volunteered their time to come in to play traditional latin american music with the "Bandolo" and "Tiple."  Maybe you know of a parent volunteer to do something similar???

My girls went up to have a turn to play the instruments too!!  :-)  

Dramatic Area

Bulletin Boards!!

Preschool: Music room

Maru's Pre-K class Bulletin Board, flags and art project!!

They also celebrated with a 4th of July party!!

Be Inspired!!


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