Friday, February 22, 2013

Spotlight on Needham

I wanted to share a spotlight on the science unit in Needham on a recent visit I had.

Marissa in the Pre-K was having the children start their day by cutting out figuras geometricas!!  Great fine motor activity!!

Take a look at some of Marissa's bulletin boards!! 

I LOVED this idea of doing JUMBLE for a pre-K class.  The children had to figure out what each word spelled in Spanish when they re-arranged the letters!!

Here's another cool Pre-K storytelling and writing project!

Preschool Teacher - Gala

I LOVE this teacher made activity to sort colors!  Gala re-used the tops of water bottles to create this sorting game.

Check out Gala's "Lavanderia" Dramatic Area!!!

Gala was mixing colors with the children on their hands!!

Red on one hand, yellow on the other, then they had to squish their hands together to find out what color it created!!

Preschool teacher Madelyn translated some Groundhog songs to Spanish and used them for talking about SHADOWS!  

I love that it is a print-rich environment!!

Toddler Teachers - Maria and Carmenza use PUPPETS as props to go with all of their circle time songs!!  Each song that they sing, has a puppet!!  

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