Friday, February 1, 2013

Portfolio Tips: ANECDOTES

This week, I wanted to share some tips on how to write an anecdote about the children in your class.  There are many things that you can put in these short write ups about a child to document their progress.  


There are many systems that you can are some ideas!!

Many of you are using the PORTFOLIO CHECKLIST that was provided in the PVP Curriculum Binders at the beginning of the year.  For those of you who ARE using it, I have heard that it has been such a useful tool to keep track of all of the samples which you are collecting in the child's portfolios. Especially for those teachers who have lots of part time children!

Another way of doing it is to take notes in a notebook!!  I created this sample as a way of making sure that you get two anecdotal records from each children each month.  Simply write the name of the children in your class on the left hand side, and then it is ready to be filled in with your recordings!!

 Another way to ensure that you have collected a sample of each child's anecdotes is to place all of the sheets together in a three ring binder, or on a clipboard!
Then you can just put each children's name on the Anecdotal Sheet and it will be ready for you to write down your observations for the month!!


I get this question a lot!!  What do I write in an anecdotal record!!??!!  I know that many of you work alone in the classrooms and there are a LOT of things that happen in one day!  By being prepared and organized with the system that you will use to collect your observations, it will make it so much easier when you are ready to sit down and jot down your notes.

At its most basic, the anecdotal record is a note that a teacher write about what the preschooler is doing as a way to assess or document development.

Some of the teachers will type up the anecdotes, while others will write directly onto the sheets of paper.  Whatever you are comfortable doing, is fine!!

Ideas of what you can write about:

- a new skill that you noticed the child doing.  Example:  Lucy was in the dramatic play area, and started to dress herself with a button up shirt.  At first she was having a hard time doing the buttons, but with some assistance and modeling from the teacher, she did her first button all by herself!!

-  Learning a new phrase in Spanish.  Example:  Juan repeated, "Te Amo" today when I told him I loved him.  It's the first time he has said a two word phrase in Spanish!!  Bravo!!

-  A humorous story including quotes that you noticed the child doing.  Example:  While sitting and waiting her turn in the bathroom, Maria exclaimed, "I can't wait to go to college so I can be a teacher just like you!"  That just warmed my heart so much!!

- Recording positive social interactions. Example:  Today Anthony was playing with another friend in the block area, and Anthony said, "I love that you're my amigo." without any prompting.  What a great friend!!  

-Documenting what the child plays with.  Example:  Joey chooses to play with the crayons during center time, but prefers to use them as drumsticks.  

Remember to put the time and date!!

Remember, we want to use the anecdotal records as a way to document progress of the child!!  Use them for your observations and for planning and preparing curriculum too!!  Always be reflective!

Happy Weekend!


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