Friday, May 11, 2012

Muchas Ideas!!

Last week, you were challenged to try ONE NEW THING in your classroom that you learned about from the "Ideas de Inspiracion".  Como les fue?? :-)  Aqui yo comparto lo que Claudia en el South End hizo con su grupo basado en lo que vio en el BLOG!  Que divertido!!!

Remember!  May is the last month for the Bulletin Board Contest for your chance to win $250!! We'll be coming out to the schools on Tuesday, May 29th. It was so inspiring to see that even though we didn't have the "contest" in April, there were still many beautiful displays!  Here is Marilyn and Julissa's bulletin board display, "Nuestros Pequenos Artistas"  from April!!  Absolutely adorable and eye-catching!! Keep it up everyone!! 

Classroom Management Technique:
Preschool teacher, Shannon, was inspired to turn into "La Inspectora" after completing the PVP Training and Orientation!  When it's clean-up time, she turns into "La Inspectora de la Limpieza" by putting on her enormous glasses to ensure that everything has been cleaned up and put away in it's spot.  
Excellent Attention Grabber!

Getting Organized with Curriculum Boxes
As we near the end of the school year, we reflect on what worked this past year and how we can grow for the following year.  Compiling all of our thematic materials into curriculum boxes is a great way to organize everything that has to do with "Insectos", "Dinosaurios" or whatever it was that you were studying!  By compiling all of the classes materials into one curriculum box, it makes it easier for the next year to grab the box and have so much of what you need right at your fingertips!  Here are a few samples of the Curriculum Boxes from Newton!


I know that everyone is VERY BUSY putting together portfolios for the end of the year conferences.  I wanted to share some pictures of some of the portfolios that I've reviewed this month in the South End and Porter Square!  Remember, it's way more than just putting their art together in a folder!!  It's all about the documentation of the progress of the child from throughout the year. 
Check out these pictures for inspiration!

Documenting WHAT is happening in the picture teaches the parents more about the PROCESS of what the children were going through with their learning.  There are many ways to do this!!!  

As educators, it's important to put the LEARNING GUIDELINE on the piece of work or photo too!!!

Of course it's important to have CUTTING SAMPLES...

 Math activities...(this looks like it was inspired from the BLOG)

 Art...of course!!

Filling the pages of the portfolios with anecdotal stories about the child is pure joy for a parent to read and really shows the time that you put into knowing each and every child in your class.  

 Even if the piece of work is larger than the portfolio, it's okay!!  The portfolios are a keepsake memory of the child's experience in Pine Village that they will treasure forever.

 Lastly, Journals as a part of the portfolio process with dated entries (*like this one that Pamela put together in Porter square) is an excellent way to show the progress of the child in one simple book.

Have a great weekend!!


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