Friday, May 25, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS - by the time you get this email, you are either almost done, or completely finished with all of your evaluations, portfolios and conferences!  You should all be so proud of yourselves!!  YAY!!!

Espero que pasen muy buen fin de semana!!


What to do with all those caps from the recycling center that we always collect??? Fiorella and Teresa put them out with their playdough so the kids can make "panqueques" or "panecillos." Muy creativas!!


The staff in JP organized their gross motor materials in large bins with blown up pictures taped to it!  This can be adapted to anything you need to organize!!

Creating books in Spanish is such a wonderful way for the kids to learn about literacy, turning pages one by one, "reading" from left to right, practicing their writing skills and visual representation of ideas they have.  They can learn about plots, characters, sequence of events and so many other things!!  Here are just a few samples of books that I came across in the children's portfolios across some schools!!

Maru did a book Contando Manzanas in the beginning of the year.  The kids can practice writing the numbers themselves, and cutting the apples out of paper too!

Here's a book Maru made with her class, All About Me.

Here's another book that Marcela made using a file folder and typing up the story on the computer all about opposites!!


The children can learn about patterns with these simple graphs that can easily be made on the computer.  This is an ABCABC pattern that Maru created for her kids.

Here's another pattern: AABBBAAB.  Notice they used a DATE STAMPER to ensure there was a date on each piece of work!! 


Here's a great activity that Maru did with her class to practice sorting "Ninos" from "Padres" and also "Comida Saludable" y "Comida Chatarra."  This can be adapted to any theme!!

See you on Tuesday for the Bulletin Board Contest!!! 


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