Friday, March 15, 2013

Spotlight on Kendall Square

Here's a sneak peek into a day I spent at Kendall Square last month!!

Beautiful Thematic Curriculum Wall!!  This is changed each month according to the season!

Maria (pre-K teacher) used the Mystery Basket to help introduce the new theme of the month!

Inside the basket, an item that correlates to the theme is hidden inside.  She gives a clue, "una pista" and the children try to guess what it is. (In Spanish of course.)

This day, she hid a spray bottle of water inside since they were doing a unit on "Seco y Mojado."  Everyone got a turn to be sprayed (if they wanted to.)  

Maria and Claudia's "CAVE" in their dramatic area.  They covered the kitchen and shelves with butcher paper to create this little place to escape and play!!

Solamente 3 ninos pueden jugar adentro!!!  :-)  

Cynthia's Pegajoso Project

Pendulum Painting with Cynthia (Preschool teacher)

Cynthia said that she uses this triangle to help with transitions and it works really well for her!!  The children know that when she plays it, that it's time for circle!!

M and M and Skittle painting!!

M & M painting

Skittle painting!!

Cynthia's Portfolio Checklist for each child!!

Marlene & Lorna's "El Universo"

What a great way to welcome a new teacher to the school!!!

Each month, toddler teachers Madelyn y  Alejandra make a new interactive game on the door for the toddlers to play with.  In February, they used a file folder to make a shapes matching game with velcro!!  The children love it!

They practice shapes and colors and matching!!

Alejandra y Madelyn did a great activity with jello!!

The children couldn't get enough of this sensory experience!!!

Check out their storage closet!!!

This is a great way to store the construction paper!!  

I love this idea to store their tissue paper!!

Here's a great way to have the children do their "attendance" when coming into school.  

Here's another great way to write down the Anecdotas that some of the teachers in Kendall Sq. are using!!  They write it down and put it in the basket.  There are lots of different kinds of systems out there!!
Here's a great fine motor activity that Karen did with her kids!!

The children were busy making necklaces and bracelets in Spanish!!  I loved hearing all of the children speaking in full sentences en espanol!!  

Be Inspired!!


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