Friday, November 2, 2012

Brushing Teeth at School

As we all know, it is an EEC Regulation to have the children brush their teeth after lunch at school. 

7.11.11.(d) Educators must assist children in brushing their teeth whenever they are in care for more than four hours or whenever they consume a meal while in care.

But did you know that...

7.11.11.(e) Children must use individual, labled toothbrushes which must be stored in a safe and sanitary manner open to the air without touching each other.  

So that means we can not store toothbrushes in plastic baggies, or on shelves without labels for each child's individual name.  Check out some of these creative ways in which some of the schools and teachers are storing toothbrushes in a very safe and sanitary way!

The Needham school bought toothbrushes for each child at the Dollar Tree and created clear labels on each toothbrush and in the spot.  

It is recommended to change the toothbrushes EVERY THREE MONTHS so by putting the date of when it was purchased it will be easy to know when to change the brushes!

If you choose to use one of the clear plastic toothbrush holders from Lakeshore Learning, then it is important to label the SPOT for the toothbrush with their name as well to make sure it is returned to the same spot each time to keep it very sanitary.

In Porter Square, they use a shoe storage system for each child to place a cup, their toothbrush and toothpaste!  

Kendall Square teachers were very inventive by re-using an egg carton for storing the children's toothbrushes!!  LOVE IT!

Then they have a box for each child's toothpaste.

Here are some pictures of the children in Porter Square brushing their teeth after lunch on the carpet!  They all do it together at the same time!  Great way to do it!


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