Friday, June 22, 2012

Teacher Made Materials!

Teacher Made Materials!

I hope everyone had a wonderful graduation ceremony!!  I was able to catch some of the rehearsals and a couple of the school's performances over the past two days.  I will share some videos next week and I hope that you can share some of the videos in YOUR school as inspiration to everyone else too!

I have been very busy putting together lots of materials for the Summer Camp Kits that we will be handing out to each school next week!  In keeping with that idea, I thought that I would share a few easy Teacher Made Materials and games that you can do to prep for camp too!!


I was helping out in the classroom a couple of weeks ago and I decided to break out the magnet materials for the kids.  I found this empty egg carton, and had the kids color the bottom of each "cup" a different color.  They then had to take the magnetic wand and the magnetic balls and make a match!!  They loved it and it took 2 minutes to make together in the class!!  So fun!!


The South End had all of these magetic alphabet letters so they bought these individual cake pans at The Dollar Tree as a station for the kids to explore!  They often put out vocabulary words or names of friends to practice spelling out too!  Super easy and fun!

This is a great Science bottle that Karina in the South End did with the preschoolers!  Sand on the bottom and shells in blue water!!  


All Myrna needed was a little hot glue and this colorful fabric she bought from Walmart to make dresses for the girls for the graduation performance!!  This could be easily done for costumes for your dramatic area too!


I was in Kelly's office in Newton earlier this week which she just recently re-organized!  I wanted to share the pictures with you as inspiration!!

Pine Village Drop Box for parents to leave papers for the director.  

Easily labeled desktop organizer..."To Do", "To File" and "Main Office".

Each teacher has a mailbox in the office for important notices and articles!

"Preparate para el verano!"  Kelly has her emergency backpack on and giving a THUMBS UP to her newly organized cabinet that has all of the paper goods for the school!  That way she can easily stay up to date on the supplies she needs!

Each drawer is clearly labeled so we know what goes inside.  Makes me think of how we label our classroom bins and toys...

All of the binders are clearly labeled so the teachers know where to do the medication log, incident reports etc....



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