Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spanish Immersion Techniques and Getting Organized!

Spanish Immersion Techniques

We reviewed a lot of Spanish Immersion Techniques in our Summer Camp Training this week.   So I wanted to bring some of these techniques to life in my blog for you to see for yoruselves!  

Vocabulary Games
In the South End, they always, always, always print out some Thematic Spanish Vocabulary to refer to during circle time.  

You can play Hide and Seek games with the kids by asking, "Donde esta la mariposa?" and they need to use the pointer to find it and repeat, "Aqui esta la mariposa." con una frase completa.  There are so many ways to use the vocabulary cards for games and inspiration!!  

Associating Actions with the Words in the Song:
Claudia Caballero, our Pre-K teacher in Needham, has tons of songs in Spanish that she sings with her class during circle time.  Here's one short clip to see her doing some actions to complement the Spanish song!

Here are some links to some more SHORT videos of the teachers showing some amazing Spanish Immersion Techniques that they use in their classrooms!!  Please take a few minutes to check it out and have a sneak peek into their classrooms!

Here's another clip of Claudia reviewing the circle time rules with her children.  There are actions to go along with the words and the kids have them memorized.

Elba (pre-K teacher in JP) singing the morning circle time song where the children have to respond, and listen carefully if they are a "nino" or a "nina"!

Marcela (preschool teacher in JP) using ACTIONS to help remind the children of the words in this very complex song!

Here's Elba again doing a great technique to encourage the children to learn a new phrase in Spanish!  "El Viento Soplo" in a book she was reading.

Here's Patricia (toddler teacher in Brighton) using VISUAL AIDS to go along with her silly food song!

Special Tips and Tricks for Organization!!

Your Classroom BIBLIOTECA

Can you guess what this classroom was learning about last month?  As you can easily see from Wendy's bookshelf in the South End, they were doing a unit all about Spring Bugs and Insects!  The South End teachers ALWAYS go to the library every month to get books to compliment their theme.  As you can see, all of the spaces on her shelf are full with books (In Spanish and English), and she also has a variety of "Big Books", library books and Pine Village books.  
An EXCELLENT way to keep track of all of those library books, is to tape blue painters tape, and add your name to the outside of the book!!  LOVE IT!!

In the Pre-K in Kendall Square, Denise and Alejandra's books are organized by THEME in plastic bins on their shelves.

The kids know to return the books to the basket since it is labeled clearly with a picture and the word!

Get your paint organized!!

Do you have a centralized place to store all of your paint jugs for the school?  Well here's a great idea that the JP teachers implemented to use recycled Coffemate containers for storing your paint!! Just remove the label, add the paint, and you can easily see which color you have!  The spout is so easy to pour too!  

Organize the Kids!!

I have seen several schools putting nametags of the kids on their classroom tables to give the children assigned seats.  However, since we are always cleaning the tables, the nametags can get to looking crummy and dirty after a while.  Here's a very creative way to give the children assigned seats that Eliana uses in Porter Square!  She puts the names of the children on the CHAIRS!  That way, you can move the children's seats around if needed!  Very creative!!

Toothbrush Organization!  - Check it out DIRECTORS!!

This has got to be my favorite way to organize the children's toothbrushes that I've seen in the schools.  Jen in Porter Square, got separate cups and shoe organizers to keep everyone's toothbrushes and toothpaste items separated and sanitary.  It's a perfect, inexpensive way to be in compliance with the EEC regs!   I just love it!!  

Speaking of toothbrushing, here's a child independently putting their toothpaste on their toothbrush in Brighton!  

And here's how Patricia gets organized with the children brushing their teeth all at once!  They sit on their chairs and they brush, brush, brush!!  



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